Below: Time Lapse Film from the Trees of Life Sculpture Installation June 2014 on Governor's Island with Figment Arts NYC on 2 Sites, Colonels Row and Nolan Park with some 22 original Sculptures spread over many acres with many arts interacting.and some 30,000 guests over this special Arts Festival Weekend.

Pictures speak a thousand words, no doubt but 

My Trees of Life Large outdoor installations covering with sculpture, painting, multimedia aspects require the assets of video, film and multiple positions at once with assets of time of day or night or seasons and distances covering a few dozens meters to an acre of more required to experience  the entire body, Identity and multi-dimensionality of my artwork .

One Trees to the 8, 12 to 24 or more now being involved with Trees of Life installations, as well as the many complementary public interactions and other arts that can become part of the Installation.

 You need to hear the Nature and People Interactions, their squeals, gasps, exclamations of wonder and curiosity and laughter. ​

A few thoughts on the Multimedia aspects

of the Trees of Life Installation Series.

The physical spaces experienced in-situ and in person with the transitory and interactive palette elements of daylight and shadow, smells, wind, sounds and myriad other sensations dwell in the usual dimensions of height, width and distances in the round and through time translate with some difficulty into other media for the fact that in person one experiences the four dimensional aspects of the work in spaces that other media among them writing, photography or film cannot wholly inhabit.

This brings attention to the great opportunities for other media to inform the Trees of Life in way that walking among the Tree Sculptures alone cannot by drawing attention to aspects of experience that by being once removed draw attention to other hidden dimensions of artwork, nature and experience.

I explore some of these concepts in the following 'raw" selections of footage.

The beginnings of a fascinating archive of short films on the Trees of Life.

Some of the Trees include Mirror Trees, Wrap-App trees, Vermilion and Cobalt and Pink Enigma Trees, Net Trees, Painting Trees and Simple and Elegant Wrap Sculpture Trees that have the Tree form and in concert a certain Geometry of Space as identity.

I have been Exploring the Trees of Life with  a variety of Trees of diverse age ranging from a few decades to several hundred years with  attendant circumferences and wildly original shapes, sizes  and textures, individually and in groups over intimate spans to spaces of many acres. Trees such as the Sycamore, London Planes, Elms, Cherry, Maple,  Beech, Ash, Tulip and Palm, to name some have afforded me great fun and always challenging creative opportunities.

The marvelous opportunity was afforded to evolve the Trees of Life in all seasons and Climes over the past 7 years by these Figment Arts Curated spaces and others, in such great venues as Governor Island's Nolan Park and Colonel's Row, Clark Park in Philadelphia, Boston Commons Park, Abe Lebewohl Park Lower East Side NYC Carl Schurz Park NYC, and Johnstone Park in Geelong Australia, with many venues to follow in the next year.

Many thanks to a generous Public and Parks Department

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