Trees of Life After the Installation...the work continues to grow long after the Sculptures have been taken down

I am beginning to consolidate the various bodies of my photography,  digital paintings and films that for the past 12 years have extended the vocabulary of the  Trees of Life Installations with the verbs and nouns and adjectives of a new language form that is contributing valuable art and understanding to the Multimedia aspect of the Tree of Life Series from the actual Installations and Performances beyond Biographical documentation. 

Also over the years countless artists were able to use parts of the Trees of Life to extend both my Installation's Interactive Identity and their own artistic exploration of art and nature in this New Garden of Imagination.

I will attempting over the next while to catalog many magically & complex aspects of this simultaneous convergence and emergent diversity... Tree Diversity, Park Life, Natural Paintings, Inter-species Aspects, Public and Trees of Life, Spiritual Aspects, Poetry, Sculpture, Multimedia, Performance, Educational, Spatial Geometries and other Mathematical Arts, among other marvelous Identity Elements,