Augmented Reality Program for the 2019 International Kinetic Art Outdoor Exhibit through October.

Kinetic Solenoid - By Artist/Creator Peter Pereira and August DeWinkler Creative Technologist 

Located on south side of E. Ocean Ave at the 300 - 400 block 

 A Special Tree of Life Custom wrapped tree Installation with an augmented reality treatment crosses mediums and time. Download FREE application “Peter G. Pereira, Interactive Artist" on smart phone or tablet and experience Augmented Reality at ALL 12 kinetic art outdoor artworks.
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Sat., April 20 11am - 1pm
Take a walking tour of the Outdoor Kinetic Art Exhibit with Augmented Reality artist, Peter Pereira, and discover Art that Moves and Art that Moves You. Peter's artwork titled, "Kinetic Solenoid” is part of his "Tree of Life" series and one of 12 total kinetic artwork in downtown Boynton Beach. Please meet outside the Amanda James Gallery located at 412 E. Ocean Ave. Peter’s kinetic is wrapped on a tree in the sidewalk where he will share the story behind his custom installation and then guide you through the other 11 kinetic art installations. Arrive early to visit the Amanda James Gallery and pick up your Kinetic Art brochure.

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