The Trees of Life 

The Trees of Life Series grew out of my Art and Sculpture Studios into my Paradox Box Performance Art Series of the late 1980's and 90's, and since 2007 has Matured into Outdoor Installation Series. The Trees of Life Series has centered around the reclaiming of natural formations created by the life cycle of trees individually and in clusters in their natural spaces. An exploration that means to offer new canvas for my three-dimensional in-the-round Painting, explorations of New Sculpture and Unique Arboreal Interactive Spaces that are heightened and complimented by other arts and disciplines including Multimedia, Performance, Theater, Ecology, Biology, Architecture, Landscaping, and Spatial Geometry to name a few.

We find the Impressionism, Abstraction, Expressionism and Performance given new Life.

     The Trees of Life Wrap Sculpture and Multimedia Installation Series has been Shown and Experienced by well over 200,000 People over the past 10 years proven and to be safe, secure, weather proof and interactive whether on the Curated Shows of Governor's Island New York, Figment Philadelphia, Figment Boston, Figment Australia, Carl Schurz Park NYC or Pop Ups in an about New York City, most recently the Lower East Side's Abe Lebewohl Park.

     As you enter the park the colors of our Trees of Life can be seen in the distance peppering the landscape giving perspective, direction and inviting the participant to move toward them. As you are drawn to the Composed Large Geometric arrays of Trees and finally to the individual Tree(s) which becomes a Painting, a Character, a Sculpture wrapped tightly in a Lycra Skin so that the bark the reveal bumps and bruises the age and unique Growth. They beckon to be touched - hard bark made soft and pulsating with Life...and there are the visual and visceral inclusion of Surrealistic Enigmas which surprise in the addition of well placed bumps beneath the stretched Lycra that beckons kids of all ages touch me...feel me.