"To See the Trees for the Forest and the Forest for the Trees"

Peter G Pereira

     A Circle of Creative Life Opening and Closing, Evolving and Maturing about the Universal Themes revisiting Gauguin's Admonition:Where have we Been? Where are we Now? and Where will we be Tomorrow?

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     American Elms, London Planes, Chestnut, Tulip Trees, Sycamores, Redwoods, Red Oaks, Maples, White Ash to name some of the great natural personalities I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with individually and in concert over time and acreage as sculptures and spatial installations that are the Trees of Life Series. To encounter one an embrace it plastic and sculptural and textural identity -  its ancient soul,  or to walk among them in their diverse and unique quilt of assemblies and spaces and colors, make for the  Trees of Life Installation Series a unique blend of experiences which changes continuously from morning to dust with Light and Shadow painting new impressions over time in all seasons.
    The Trees of Life Sculpture and Multimedia Installation Series is a new Art-form and Forum for Nature and interactive play of narratives between people and their environment, various interdependent branches of Science and  Art.
​Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

- Wisdom of  Gauguin

     The Trees of Life Sculpture and Multimedia Outdoor Installation Series represents the evolution of my Art and Interdisciplinary Research spanning some 25 years from Studio and Gallery Shows to the Performance Art Wrap Theater explorations of the Paradox Box of the 80's and 90's to present.

     The Trees of Life Series grew early wrapping  and mixed media integrating my work from Studio/Painting/Canvas/Sculpture/Animation to Performance/Multimedia/Dance/Music stages  to the convergent Painting Wrap Skins and Collapsed-Volume Sculptural re-animations in nature of Larger Indoor Installations 10 years at various venues, notably, every year at the New York City Figment's Governor’s Island Summer Art Festival 2007 -2017.

     The Trees of Life have over the years grown to encompass acres with unique additions including the Enigma Trees: Vermilion, Blue and Pinks among Others, Painting Trees, Mirror Trees, Geometry and Net Trees, Shadow and Music and Wr-App Trees...Monolith most recently with its Augmented reality interactive elements. A growing cast.

   I count New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Geelong Australia and Toronto, among other venues, and soon to include England and Hong Kong.


Where have we Been​? Where are we Now? and Where will we be Tomorrow?